Meet Chowder and Maddie skateboarding bulldogs who can’t get enough of their wheels

Meet Chowder and Maddie skateboarding bulldogs who can’t get enough of their wheels

Bulldogs may not often be thought of as one of the most active or energetic breeds, but this high octane pup is doing a lot to dispel those assumptions.

Chowder the bulldog has been receiving a lot of attention on TikTok thanks to his incredible skateboarding prowess.

The canine has developed his skills so much that he is now trying out all different types and sizes of skateboard to find the perfect fit.

This hilarious clip, which was uploaded by TikTok user @chowderthebulldog, was a huge hit on the video sharing platform, with over 200,000 views and over 25,000 likes.

In the video, viewers are first shown Chowder and his sister Maddie enthusiastically jumping around and watching impatiently as their owner unpackages a new set of skateboards.

Once the boards are finally out it’s time for the two to pick their favourites, with Maddie taking a liking to the smaller of the two.

Viewers are then given exactly what they have been waiting for, Chowder incredibly skating along on the larger board, clearly enjoying himself with his fresh gear.

The video ends with Chowder giving an elated look to the camera as he rolls along on his new favourite toy.

Viewers adored the clip, with one user commenting: “He’s still my favourite thing on the internet.”

Another commenter wrote: “What a world we live in where a bulldog can become an influencer!”

A third added: “I love how he just knocked it down and goes. It is so cute.”

Chowder has built up quite the following on the app, with his account now boasting almost 850,000 followers.

But he isn’t the only of his breed to have enjoyed success on TikTok recently, with Fella the bulldog having gone viral after enduring a tough first day at his new puppy club.

Poor Fella didn’t take to socialising with his classmates right away, instead preferring to stay glued to his owner’s side or sat in the corner.

However a subsequent clip showed that the puppy eventually found the courage to join in and meet his new friends.

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Another bulldog to have gone viral on TikTok of late was Stella, who was less than pleased when her owner stopped fussing her.

The amusing video showed that when her owner stopped petting her, the stroppy dog lets out a loud whine.

Stella is clearly used to getting her own way, and this doesn’t change in the clip, as her owner swiftly returns to rubbing the dog’s head.